Thumbnails Name of Products Generic Name Pack
(01)Grobin-F Syrup (Iron(III) Hydroxide Polymaltose Complex 60 and 120ml) 0.35mg/5ml
(02)Grobin-F Tablets (Iron(III) Hydroxide Polymaltose Complex) 10’s
(03)Polyheam Chewable Tablets (Iron (III) hydroxide polymaltose complex) 1×10
(04)Polyheam Syrup (Iron (III) hydroxide polymaltose complex) 60 and 120ml
(05)Megalob Tablets 500mcg (Mecobalamin 500mcg) 3×10 and 10×10
(06)Multex Syrup (Iron with Multivitamin) 250ml
(07)Heamadron Syrup (Iron Proteninsuccinylate….800mg ) 120ml
Haemorose Injection Tranexamix Acid 500mg/5ml 5ml x5’s