Thumbnails Name of Products Generic Name Pack
(01)Colstat-10 and 20mg Tablets (Atorvastatin (as Calcium Trihydrate)
10 and 20mg
(02)Goronil Tablets 50mg (Losartan Potassium……50mg) 2×10’s
(03)Nilclot Tablet (Clopidogrel Hydrogen Sulphateeq )
To Clopidogrel…..75mg
(04)Rasdipin Tablets Amlodipine (as Besilate) 5.0 mg 2×10
Co-Amlo DS Table Amlodipine as Besylate 10mg, Aatorvastatin as calcium hydrate 20mg 1×10’s
Co-Amlo Table Amlodipine as Besylate 5mg, Aatorvastatin as calcium hydrate 20mg 2×10’s
Flowpil Tablet Clopidogrel as hydrogen sulphate 75mg, Aspirin 75mg 1×10’s
R-Vastin-10 Tablet Rosuvastatin ( as calcium) 10mg 10’s
R-Vastin-20 Tablet Rosuvastatin ( as calcium) 20mg 10’s
R-Vastin-5 Tablet Rosuvastatin ( as calcium) 5mg 10’s,20’s,30’s