Director Marketing

The best thing about marketing of pharmaceutical products is that during the course we spread awareness about diseases, their prevention,treatment, and progress in field of medical science.

At Rasco we understand the importance of investing in Marketing and Sales so that our message stay loud and clear about what we are offering i.e., quality pharmaceutical products on economical prices. We not only spend on our
products’ literature but also on our marketing and sales human resource so that they reflect the values that have driven us this far and by the grace of Almighty will keep on leading us to achieve our vision of becoming a significant global pharmaceutical player.

Our initiatives of spreading awareness about health matters will be even more visible in coming days as we intend to form alliances with like minded people and organizations in order to spread awareness in those areas where biggest cause of people’s suffering is gnorance.


By the grace of ALLAH, we started Rasco Pharma, led by our values not by our pride. In 2004 we started our journey as a very humble beginning and today we have become a key player in pharmaceutical market of Pakistan and Afghanistan. We have captured the market of Pakistan with more than 250 valuable clients from all over the country, covering every single city and towns of Pakistan. And now we are aggressively on to capture the market of this whole region. And our target is to stand in line with the top pharmaceutical companies of Asia by 2020.

We are extremely realistic and thoroughly aware of the fact that pharmaceutical marketing, as it is today, is a highly competitive corporate sector.
We strongly believe that our dedication and pursuance towards our chosen destiny is the hallmark of our journey towards success and glory.

We are fully prepared to embark upon a tough course but I believe our perseverance, hard core self reliance and exceptional characteristics of taking challenges head on got us through in the early phase of corporate development. We are very clear about the challenges during our way along with best of the opportunities. Our focus point is to make the best possible utilization of all our resources to yield optimum level of productivity and performance.

INSHA ALLAH we’ll strive for a brighter and healthier tomorrow as hard as we can with utmost dedication and determination. We’ll provide total customer satisfaction and achieve leadership in chosen markets, products and services across the globe, through excellence in technology, based on world-class development.