Thumbnails Name of Products Generic Name Pack
(01) Brimdin- 20 Tablets 20mg (Famotidine 20mg) 2×10
(02) Brimdin- 40 Tablets 40mg (Famotidine 40mg) 1×10
(03)Amicol Drops (Simethicone 40mg) 30ml
(04)Atatox Tablets (Activated Attapulgite 500mg) 10×10
(05)Consilac Syrup (Lactulose) 120ml
(06)Dizet DS Tablets (Diloxanide Furoate-500mg,Metronidazole -400mg) /5ml 15’s
(07)Dizet Suspension (Diloxanide Furoate-250mg, Metronidazole -200mg)/5ml 60ml
(08)Dizet Tablets (Diloxanide Furoate-250mg,Metronidazole -200mg) 3×10
(09)Famtac Suspension (Famotidine…..10mg/5ml 60ml
(10)Prisma-20 Capsules 20 mg Omeprazole (enteric coated pellets)…..20mg 2X7
(11)Prisma-20 Capsules 20 mg Omeprazole (enteric coated pellets)…..20mg 10’s
(12)Prisma-40 Capsules 40mg Omeprazole (enteric coated pellets)…..40mg 2X7
(13)Rascopro-20 Capsules (Esomeprazole (enteric coated pellets)…20mg) 1×10
(14)Rascopro-40 Capsules (Esomeprazole (enteric coated pellets)…40mg) 1×10
(15)Resotac Tab 150mg Ranitidine (as HCl) 150….mg) 1×10
(16)Resgyl Suspension (Benzoyl Metronidazole 200mg/5ml) 60 and 400ml
(17)Resgyl-200 Tablets (Metronidazole BP 200mg) 10 x10
(18)Resgyl-400 Tablets (Metronidazole BP 400mg) 10×10
(19)Residone Suspension 120ml (Domperidone 1mg/ml) 120ml
(20)Residone Suspension 60ml (Domperidone 1mg/ml) 60ml
(21)Residone-10 Tablets (Domperidone 10mg) 5×10
(22)Rejex MP Suspension (Aluminium Hydroxide 215mg, Magnesium Hydroxide 80mg, Simethicon 25mg)/5ml 120ml
(23)Topzol Capsule 40mg (Pantoprazole (as Sodium Sesquihydrate 40mg) as Enteric Coated pellets 2×7’s
(24)Noride-25 Tablets (Levosulpiride…..25mg) 2×10’s
(25)Noride-50 Tablets (Levosulpiride…..50mg) 2×10’s