Rasco Pharma is registered in Afghanistan, Yemen, Rwanda, Cambodia, and Burundi. We have a vast network of marketing companies and distributors in our exporting countries. We are exporting more than 200 product of our company to these countries since 2008. Our business partners (marketing companies and distributors) are very well established in their countries. Our exports team also work with them and provide them all the assistance and technical supprot they need. And our regulatory team is very experienced and capable of making all the required dossiers in very short time. They are updated with all the regulatory requirements of almost every country.

Our business partner in Cambodia “Carabell Pharma Co., pvt” is promoting our products in Cambodia through a well organised marketing team lead by a young and enthusiastic C.E.O. Carabell’s marketing setup is a pure example of perfection in all areas, from their state of the art warehouse to temperature control supply chain systems. They are adding new products in their portfolio every month. Our Latest cardiology product *Co-amlo* and *Co-Amlo DS* is a big hit in their country and all the leading cardiologists are prescribing this product with full confidence. And our international team of experts are in strong liaison with their field staff and teams.

Right now registration of our company and our products in Russia, Vietnam, Tajikistan & rest of the African states is in-process. We hope to get registered in these countries very soon. But this certainly is not our entire vision, our target is to enter in the US and European Markets by the start of next decade. And our team is fully geared up to achieve this goal.